Voici le logo bleu du cabinet de conseil data Moonday Consulting.


As we are aware that data is often badly exploited by businesses, we have created a division dedicated to prototyping, modelling and the creation of tools which will allow you to make the most of your data so that you can take advantage of them to address your business problems.

We will use this data:

  • to analyse your current situation,
  • to model the future or alternative scenarios,
  • in order to support decision making and provide factual responses.

Our speciality: developing customised and dynamic agile project management tools in as short a time as possible, so that you can concentrate more on exploiting your data.


To improve automation and fluidity, it is best not to stop modifying your data tools, but to continually adjust the process and organisation.

This is in addition to the ‘triptych’ of «Tool/Process/Organisation» which helps to optimise the global fluidity of a process.


  • Simple to design
  • Simple to understand
  • Simple to update
  • Simple to use

Always look for «simplicity» from the beginning in order to be liberated from organisational unwieldiness, clarify data and how it is interpreted.


This approach is where the emphasis is on collaborative working by all those directly concerned with the development of customised tools, and is part of our DNA. It helps facilitate the adoption of techniques and skills, making the transmission to end users more fluid.


Strategically, we separate our approach into 2 parts:

1 – Database (the submerged part of the iceberg)

2 – Data Visualisation/Exploitation

The visualisation and exploitation of your data is only possible if you have a solid and complete database.

Our Conviction: Optimising the triptych Tools/Process/Organisation.

Putting in place new tools in order to achieve objectives is insufficient. To exploit their quintessence, it is important to adapt the Process and Organisation. It is by synchronising the triptych that  MOONDAY becomes a creator of pertinent solutions for your business.

We are an IT Consulting Agency with skills in both consulting (Process & Organisation) and high level technical knowledge (Tooling). Our global approach will provide you with a 100% customised and uncompromising solution.